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Good 2 B A Gooner

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Hi All,

can anyone recommend a remap for my 2008 A6 Avant. It's a 2.0TDI and drinking diesel like a pimp would champagne....

i currently use use a tank a week at £90 and get roughly 480 miles from the pig. Not fussed about BHP increases - more a significant MPG increase from my average 37/38MPG on A road commute.

My old B6 A4 used to regularly hit 50mpg!



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Im Scotlands Shark Performance dealer and in answer to your can answer that Im afraid.

This is due to it all being relative to how you drive it. You know you have more bhp so you instinctively use it without realising it. You will see a rise in MPG under normal driving conditions and on a longer run.

Every diesel I have remapped, the owners have commented on a rise in MPG but I will not guarantee that as it all depends on how you drive it.

Hope this helps