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MPG on A7 TDI 272 Black Edition

Big Nee Oct 26, 2018

  1. Big Nee

    Big Nee New Member


    Picked up a facelifted A7 on a 64 plate 2 weeks ago and i am surprised at the poor MPG i am seeing.

    On a carefully dirven run of 10 miles (7 of which is 60mph duel carriageway) and the rest country lanes i am getting around 34MPG in auto mode and around 37 MPG in economy mode. Around town i am getting late 2os in auto mode.

    Is this normal?? because i am reaging of MPGs averaging 38 and mid 40s on a run in the same engine. My colleague has a 63 plate biTDI and averages 38 all day long ....

    Do i need to flag this to Audi (its under warranty) or live with it and look at a remap ??

    Thoughts Appreciated

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  3. Bishop187

    Bishop187 New Member

    I’m the same mate. Brought an a7 tdi 272 few weeks back. Getting like low 30s. Unless I drive like a grandma. Also got 35mpg on the motorway for 90 mile trip. But I was doing pretty much 100 all the way. And I did touch 130 a few times . So can’t complain too much. But it’s a 2tonne beast so city driving kills mpg

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  4. pxr5

    pxr5 Active Member Team Mythos TDi A7 Owner Group Black Edition quattro S-line owners group

    Hmm. Same 272 3.0 litre engine here. My car had 1.5K on it when I bought it. I initially reset the long term memory. Now at 15K the long term memory average is reporting 41.7mpg. I mainly do motorway miles and my commute is a 35 mile round trip. A bad run I get 35mpg, average 42mpg, good - upto 50+ mpg. In fact I'm getting better mpg than an old 2.0tdi manual A6 CR engine. I get 600+ miles per tank. Maybe it's because my run is clear witth little starting stopping (maybe 10 times in the journey).
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  5. jay777

    jay777 Member

    Better hope the cops don’t see

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  6. far2tall

    far2tall Active Member

    They’re just not particularly economical cars and the Audi published figures are absolute bulls**t. Mine is a 13 plate BiTdi with 65k mostly motorway miles. I get an average of 34mpg which has been higher but recently I’ve been doing a lot of shorter non motorway journeys. It’s a good job the tourque puts a smile on my face every time I drive it!
  7. holmefield

    holmefield Active Member

    Mines an A7 245bhp rolling road mapped to 305bhp and 672nm, and pre remap with a DTUK tuning box fitted i was averaging checked with fuelly app 38/40 mpg long term..

    But now with my fully custom map im getting 37mpg and thats with steady driving mixed conditions.

    In the winter months these A7s need about 8/9 miles to warm up, so if your doing less than that they never get warmed up, and they only hit good Mpg when warm.

    If you activate digital temp you can see when its warm, ignore the temp gauge on the left next to the rev counter as it lies big time as to how quickly it warms up
  8. Bishop187

    Bishop187 New Member

    Interesting. I only travel 10 mile to work so get bad mpg. And can’t help but go on the motorway. Haha
    Either way I love the motor. If I wanted an eco car I wouldn’t have got a 2 ton beast

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  9. GazWeavs

    GazWeavs New Member

    My 272 BE doing about the same gents. Low 30's in Auto around town but much less if my right foot weighs heavy and even less in Dynamic mode! I suppose we don't own these cars because of their economy figures though hey! I am toying with getting a TDI Tuning plug in chip to improve fuel economy......or that's how I've sold it to the wife anyway......better economy, who am I kidding?
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