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MPG - claimed v actual

ian.f Aug 11, 2019

  1. ian.f

    ian.f New Member

    Hi Forum,
    Looking at an A4 or A6 avant, circa 2016, Diesel auto.
    I’ve been looking around and reading some reviews and there’s a lot of negativity about claimed v actual MPG return.

    So general question, how does your MPG stack up against claimed figures?
    Of course there’s a hundred things that’ll impact MPG, but overall are you pleased or not?

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  3. Nikhil

    Nikhil New Member

    Hi, Ive just recently got a 2017 A6 Avant 3.0 Bi-TDi Quattro with 320ps. I had the same thoughts about the claimed mpg vs actual mpg. The engine has a really good amount of torque so just feathering the pedal, car still pulls. Car has drive select.

    Audi’s claimed figures:

    37.7 mpg - Urban
    50.4 mpg - Extra Urban
    45.6 mpg - Combined

    What I got:

    On main roads with varying degree of mid day traffic going to work with drive select in Comfort mode - highest ive seen is 34.2 mpg.

    Main roads again early mornings (3am) with no traffic in Comfort mode - 44.9 mpg

    On the motorway - again in Comfort mode averaging 75-80mph - 47.9 mpg (1 hours worth of driving).

    Theres no point talking about Dynamic mode as with a heavy right foot, its down in the low 20’s around town and high 20’s or early 30’s on the motorway - then again I dont care about the mpg in this mode.

    I haven’t really tried with Efficiency mode just yet.

    Ive got the 20” alloys so 44 psi front and 37 psi rears as recommended by Audi.

    So for the power of the car, size of engine and the mpg it returns - extremely happy with it.

    Cant wait to do a full tank to tank motorway run and see how many miles I get from it.

    Hope that helps!

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