MP3 CD Format for new A3?


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Jun 2, 2009
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I'm looking into burning some mp3 CD's for the car, anyone know how they should be formatted before I get into the whole trial and error thing?

Head Unit is the 2009 double-din Symphony (I think)

I'm guessing (at worst) they will all need to be on the CD as one big list or better, the HU will be able to handle albums in folders?
HU's that support MP3 on CD can usually cope with one level of folders, so album title then all the tracks in the album. Don't know of any that can cope with folders within folders. Putting them all in the root directory will drive you mad!
Yup, just run some tests (read the manual too - ahem.)

Looks like the best thing to do is to have some folders in the 'root' of the CD (6 folders max apparently) titled with the album names, then have the album tracks as MP3s inside each folder. Long track names will scroll when playing but only if you press the button to scroll them.
Probably best to start each track name with a number, to keep them playing in the right order.