Moving from BMW -> Audi – Few minor differences/niggles


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Hi girls and guys,

I've moved from having 6 BMWs in a row to an Audis S4 Avant, and overall the car is great. There are a few minor differences. I'll caveat this by saying I love the S4 and like it better than the BMW but sharing in case there are configuration settings

Fuel Range – I note that the fuel range (miles remaining) on the S4 never goes up, and only goes down in 5 mile increments. In the BMW if you drove efficiently you could see your range increase (and equally decrease more rapidly) depending on driving style. I miss this 'gamification' feature which encouraged good driving (How many miles can I get from one tank!). Can this be configured?

Boot close from key – on BMWs you could press and hold the key to close the boot. I've not worked out if you can close the boot from the key on the Audi? If you have a convertible this opens the roof too.

Window open from key. - A classic BMW/Mini feature is that you can press and hold unlock on the key, and all windows go down to get fresh air into the car.

PIN Code – As far as I can tell the PIN code protection does not work on my S4. I set a PIN but could quite happily drive off having not entered it (as could a thief with my keys!)

All minor niggles. If anyone knows a way to do this, please let me know




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Based on experience with my 2018 MY S5;

Fuel Range - managed this once or twice when driving like a saint to avoid having to fill up at Motorway service station prices

Boot close from key - you need to be quite close for this to work, certainly a lot nearer than the range I can open the tailgate using the key

Windows opening from key - this can be selected from the MMI

PIN code - I don't think this is available on mine


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Fuel range: I often collect and deliver Audi's and whatI have found is that after refuelling the range obviously increases but remains static, (especially if someone previously has been lead footed) until the computer has compared the "new" economy. The range indicated on the last delivery I undertook read 185 miles after putting in half a tank. After a 150 mile journey the range was displaying 110.

Avant tailgates will open and close from the fob, not sure about saloon.

Window opening from key, under "locking menu" look for long push to open / close windows.

I set a pin code but I think this is all tied into the problems with myAudi being disabled.


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No way with saloons...