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Hi all. Today I collected our new (to us) 2014 a6 avant s Line ultra.
This replaces our A4 black edition saloon.



The main reason for the change is wanting an avant (should have gone for the a4 avant last time)
For our regular trips up and down the country to see family with a one year old who doesn’t travel light.

I have managed 50 miles today so still getting used to it. I can’t belive that I have avoided autos up to now, I am loving it, even though I did end up left foot braking at the first set of lights.

Plans so far are:
Going to start with a good detail to remove some light swirls and protect the alcantara/ fabric / paint.

Fix the pop out rear seat 12v power points, they currently won’t stay in the away position. Has this come up for anyone else?

Sort the load area rails so that I can use the load hoops with the proline boot liner.

Change out interior bulbs for led. I am thinking EMTuning but can’t work out which kit I need. Any ideas on how I work this out?

I am undecided about giving it the black edition look with the trims. I changed all the rings and badges for black on the A4 using Raywell design but I understand that they no longer offer these.

A remap but don’t know whose.

Are there any other updates / tweaks that people recommend?


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Welcome to the fold.

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