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Hi all,

Looking at a remap from the guys over at motech performance in Northampton and I was wondering if anyone had used them? or even heard of them can't say i would know about them if I didn't know where their workshop was.



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Motech from memory is something to do with Mike Hodder Jnr., and he's a decent chap (as is his uncle Mike Hodder Snr. who used to sell MV Sport exhaust systems).

Very nice blokes, but I don't have experience of their maps. Not sure many on here do given build threads I've read to date.


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I have a friend with an A4 2.0 TFSI and he has had it remapped at Motech in Northampton.

He hasnt had any problems, and must be impressed as he keeps telling me to take my TDI there.

I have driven his car a few times since the remap and it is certainly rapid.

Check out their website, it is very professional. And if you google 'motech remaps' you will get lots of other threads where people are happy with their motech products.

If I am ever going to get a remap, I will take it to Motech. Its alot cheaper than Revo, and it helps that Northampton is local to me ha!


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Ive used mike on a couple of occasions for my BMW's and have nothing but praise for him and the maps.
whilst i cant give any personal opinions about his skills surrounding audi maps, his facebook page speaks volumes from other audi owners.
Give him a call, he's a good chap and knows his stuff and wont push you into anything. :thumbsup:


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His name has been around for a while, but I'd use Shark Performance, got my car done by N8 @ Kowalski Details, he can travel to Northampton also ;)


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Thanks for the replies, AFAIK Motech do remaps for Audi Northampton and Northampton Audi keep the warranty intact. Does anyone know a dealership that does this for Shark?


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The only other tuner that I've heard of that can map your car and keep the warranty valid is MTM. Both Edinburgh and Glasgow Audi use them. Very expensive though.


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I know Mike. Does mapping for my friends garage Unit18. Seen him mapping in the workshop and had a chat with him, he`s a decent guy. Done no end of mapping for Ali and they`re pretty good and get good figures. I`d recommend him. He used to do mapping for maindealers too as he did a few fow VW in Bedford where i work so maybe thats where the warranty talk comes from.