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MOT and brake fluid change

j0hnst0n00 Aug 5, 2020

  1. j0hnst0n00

    j0hnst0n00 Registered User

    Afternoon all,

    My 1.5 TFSi is due its’ first MOT in September and the main dealer where I purchased the car has advised a brake fluid change is also required as my car nears 3 years of age. They have quoted £55.85 for the MOT and £83 for the brake fluid change totalling £137.85

    Although it’s a bit far away from me I found the following Audi main dealer offer:


    which is basically £99 for both and includes MOT protection.

    My local Audi main dealer has priced matched at £99 but don’t offer the MOT protection.

    Does this sound like a fair main dealer offer?

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  3. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    MOT can be had cheaper elsewhere (£55.85 is the maximum that can be charged, and they’ll have it done by an MOT station anyway) - no need to use dealer for that. Likewise brake fluid change, my local VAG specialist charges £40. So £99 is pretty good for main dealer, you could probably save £10-15 by using a local garage, as none of the work requires Specialist Audi input.
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  4. leonwilliams

    leonwilliams Registered User

    My local Audi talked me into brake fluid change what a waste of money ended up with spongy brakes took it back. Oh air in system. They re did it still not right. Just some discs and pads all round now I have proper brakes

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  5. The_Ironist

    The_Ironist Registered User

    My Audi indi is charging £50 for the MOT and £45 for the brake fluid. So £99 from Audi is good value on the face of it.

    Whether they do as good a job in reality as the indi is another question.

    You can get an MOT from £27 at Kwik fit though...
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2020
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