Most Disappointing Detailing / Car Care Products You've Bought / Used

Bristle Hound

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Lets have the most disappointing detailing / car care products you've used / bought

My top three -

Auto Finesse Tough Coat - Always thought this was AG EGP (not that there's anything wrong with that) but way more expensive

Auto Finesse Lather shampoo - Tried version 1.2 & 3 & thougth they were all rubbish

Autoglym tyre dressing - In the bin after one tyre. Utter rubbish IMO

I'm sure they'll be more. I just can't recall 'em all at the mo lol

PS I do love some of the Auto Finesse products. 2 that spring to mind are Tripple & Rejuvenate


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I don't really understand that tough Coat is there for when you are putting on a wax like essence. I find gloss tyre shine from af lacking in the endurance stakes. Holts wash and wax as a maintenance wash was a bit streaky as Simoniz wash and wax.

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I do like my AF products.

I sometimes fail to be impressed with the Autobrite range. I think the product I used was "The Eliminator"


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Dodo Juice Future Armour spray sealant. Absolute pain in the **** to use, whether on a wet or dry car. It MIGHT last months but I don't know, and I won't be buying another one!


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Instant items that come to mind....

Simoniz Wax - pain in the neck to apply. Decent results but the wax market has moved on so much you do not need to put that much effort in to get better results.

Mer Glass Cleaner - Seems to promote static / fluff therefore attracts more dust than it removes - v odd.

Carplan Tyre Silk Spray can - Good results but always feel a little short changed as the aerosol can gas dies before product has finished. Also feels like its killing my lungs!

Meguiars Tyre Gel -
Good wet look and smells nice. But horrible on your hands and takes ages to cure/ dry. Therefore slings everywhere.

Demon Shine Gun Spray - Fits onto to hose. Easier to apply using the smaller bottle with the trigger spray



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I'm the opposite with CarPlan Tyre Silk @jungle650 love it. Got 5 cans in the garage.

I'll agree with @Bristle Hound AG Tyre Dressing is utter mince. Use their Rubber and Vinyl Care. Much better and longer lasting.

Any of the ICE wax, sealant, liquid wax products. Utter mince. The paste is easy to put on but takes an utter age to get off.

AG HD Wax: don't know what all the fuss was about with this. Expensive and gives the same results as much cheaper products.

Megs ScratchX- doesn't really do what it says on the tube. G3 Scratch Remover much better.

I'll fire this on for a bit of a giggle!
T-Cut of any nature! My next door neighbour asked me last week how to get sun cream hand prints off his car. Asked on here and got the answer required. However, before he asked me he was using T-Cut Red bottle with a scouring pad!! I nearly died! He made a mess of his roof. Just as well he stopped and asked!!


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@Scottyg now that's really interesting. I've still got a pot of AG HD Wax in the garage and I rather like it. It's a doddle to use. I put it on black plastic door trims as well as bodywork and it works well. Granted I bought it cheap and the pot is still half full after about 4 years. It's my weapon of choice on the wife's car.

What a funny game this detailing lark is. :)


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You are right @scotty76 everybody likes different products. Used the AG HD years ago when I worked for my mate who details cars. He was all AG. Never took to it then and never went back to it. Prefer Dodo Juice for waxes. :grinning:


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Got Dodo Blue Velvet Pro too @Scottyg. Another favourite. Sorry everyone let's get back to the bad stuff...

AG Ultra Deep Shine

I expected so much more from this just never seemed that good. Granted I was just getting into detailing but still. Can't help but think SRP would have been better. What it should have been like is Autofinesse Tripple (recommended - buy it).


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Each person different and their car is different do the bad products are different.

One bad product I thought of is Simoniz carnauba speed wax has to be applied wet but so hard to remove even with a machine.

But loved the diamond hard wax from their range

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Mer Polish. Absolute pain to apply and left so much white residue dust, the whole car had to washed down after applying. Have since moved to Menzera range, no comparison.


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Chemical guys honey dew snow foam.

It was crap and gripped nothing

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T cut.............. why on earth would you put this on your car? How to lose any gloss and three layers of paint in one easy application....

Almost all tyre dressing, and anything that makes your interior look and smell like a taxi.

Most stuff full of silicon.

Another good thread from BH


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Gyeon Q2M Cure - Absolute Rubbish! Near impossible to apply without smears and every time it rained it left horrendous water marks that made the car look filthy!
Back to wax and no more problems!


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Anything by Meguiars, I find all the products I've used are ****.

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Another one for Autoglym Tyreshine - considering most of their other stuff is pretty decent for the price, the tyreshine literally lasts only a day (if that), and doesn`t really make your tyres "shine" at all.

Always a positive with a negative though, and their AG SRP is excellent; again, for the price, as an easy to apply/remove product that really shines, and lasts pretty well also.