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Morris track day insurance - avoid

forty3 Jun 23, 2018

  1. forty3

    forty3 Active Member

    Major issues trying to get recovered from a track day. 2 hours on the phone bouncing between Morris and their recovery provider to try and get the recovery authorised then told me that they will not be able to get to me for 4 hours as they use contractors and nobody wanted to take my car on a 2.5 hour journey.

    6 hours from making the first call until pick up!

    I ended up arranging my own recovery and was collected 20 minutes after making the call.

    Was told by Morris to expect a call later in the week to discuss compensation. The call never came.

    Contacted Morris and was told that they would look to get me most of my money back and to expect an email the next day. No email came so chased them again.

    Finally got an offer yesterday of £34.99. Joke.

    Won't be using Morris again!
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  3. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    I think that regardless of what insurers/brokers say, in general any insurance that we are likely to be encouraged to buy or need to buy to stay legal, the terms and conditions are written in such a way that too many salient points on exclusions are vague/hidden or at the very least confusing, or made deliberately confusing to the average savvy person - and that is not good enough.

    My daughter has had similar issues with property insurance, a bit even more annoying when it was water coming in from property above, ie something that she could not have prevented being able to happen, now similar issues with insurer's repair team - really shocking performance and only a "standard" £10 a day offered for the total loss of access to her kitchen for over 5 days for a job that could have taken under 2 days if the contractors had been allowed to re-instate the kitchen after being authorised to rip it all out. How do restoration works not seem to get project managed, seems like the insurance companies don't want to be involved and don't really care - so end up saying, "what is your problem, we can give you £10 a day for you to be completely without any kitchen facilities" - muppets, idiots, thieves.
  4. forty3

    forty3 Active Member

    Insurance is generally a mine field.

    I'm particularly annoyed because the recovery option was an additional payment which I opted to pay for and which was needed but not provided.

    I did mention that the circuit had offered me another track for free once I'd explained what had happened and that I'd be happy for Morris to insure this day as compensation for the issues I encountered. It was at this point that I was told it was easier to "get most of your money back" than to sort me additional insurance .

    Lots of empty promises so far.

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