More RS models..



Looks like Audi are breaking the one RS model at a time rule:
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November 27, 2007
More RS, vicar?
Audi's tuning arm, quattro GmbH (think M-Sport to BMW or AMG to Merc), has announced that it will step up production of RS models.

Traditionally, RS versions were only produced in the last two years of a model's production run, but quattro director Werner Frowein said this week that a change in strategy will mean RS variants within two years of the model launch.

Which means that we could see an RS version of the new TT very soon, with an RS5 to follow. And - here's where it gets really interesting - even the R8 in full RS-spec somewhere down the line.

However, it's not yet clear whether quattro will continue its policy of only producing one RS model at a time - a policy that requires some serious reconsideration. The more the merrier, we reckon.


Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!
I personally like the uniqueness of the RS models, if every 10th model on the road was an RS then it wouldnt be such a unique model. I agree one or two other RS models such as an RS3 & RSTT would cater for a range of users not wanting the larger saloon or avant body styles usually produced. Surely adding RS models to all variants would just add to overall operating costs & increase the forecourt prices as a result?


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Would it not be cheaper for us to just buy the badges and get a remap big turbo conversion = same as RS

But i still love the styling of the RS models more so the older RS4 to the new.