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More Problems

Sp3no82 May 31, 2018

  1. Sp3no82

    Sp3no82 Active Member

    Audi A4 Avant 2.0tdi 170 remaped to 205+
    Currently my ASV (intake manifold flap) is not functioning, I have a code saved that states there is no signal to the motor and the car shudders when I turn it off but I have no EML.
    I removed the ASV, the motor was full of oil, i cleaned it all out but still not working. Not too bothered about this as as far as i can see it has zero affect on how the car runs and drives and they are £300+ to replace.

    I also have a code saved that states the Air Mass flow is too low or something which would point to the air flow meter, again no EML but the occasional flashing glow plug light. I am going to have to bite the bullet and purchase a new one of these.

    Now to top it off I am getting the DPF regeneration symbol on my MFD every few days and trust me i do not labour the car, in fact the light came on immediately after a good old thrashing, the car only ever has Shell V power, i rarely get above 34mpg so i am not convinced its sooted up as its gets driven like it should. I don't understand why is blocking when my driving style and daily commute etc shouldn't hurt the DPF.
    I plugged VCDS in and looked at measuring blocks 070 and 075, the DPF was 29% full and it stated it had tried 3 regens and failed all 3. 29% does not seem allot to me.
    I also seem to have a small leak from my Exhaust manifold but strange thing is the car drives like an absolute rocket.
    Now I'm taking the DPF and turbo off in a couple of weeks to fit new gaskets and clean it all out, but if i was to bore a hole through the middle of the DPF and leave the rest in place would this throw a code and would this be a bad idea.
    I'm at my wits end with this car, every time i drive it a new problem occurs and I have spent a fortune on it and it gets serviced more than my misses.
    Purchased the car for £4000 and I bet i have spent that amount on it again in repairs alone, I'm too far in the hole to stop now
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  3. YorkieTom

    YorkieTom Active Member Team Dolphin Grey Audi S3 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    I cant comment on the intake manifold but I wouldn't recommend drilling the dpf. I had a 'tuning' garage do this, 3 miles later the DPF light was back on. The filter can collapse inside and get blocked from drilling. After they fully gutted it (which I originally asked for) and welded it and mapped it out I could instantly tell the difference. However 3 months later my clutch started slipping so im currently waiting to get that sorted now. If you're still on the standard clutch with a 205 map like mine then yours is possibly on its way out sometime in the near future so you may have to prepare for that too :/
  4. LawrenceH

    LawrenceH Active Member

    Bear in mind if your mot tester can tell it’s been cut open and welded up it’s an instant fail.

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