More advise needed please


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Some more advise please.

The car was looked at by my local garage due to the faulty Auxiliary Drive belt tensioner and have said it needs the following Audi parts but I am not sure if it’s correct.

Can anyone confirm if these are the correct parts to change and if anyone has part numbers as I can't seem to find them on VAGCAT.

1 - Alternator Pulley
2 - Tensioner
3 - Roller
4 - Aux(damper etc)
5 - Auxiliary drive belt.

I am not sure about what the Aux bit is, but someone might know what it means.

Looking on the web, it looks like the Tensioner, roller & damper were all one part and not seperate items.

The garage what to charge £520 (genuine Audi parts £360 & Labour £160), is this expensive for this type of job?

Any advise is appreciated.