Monochrome DIC - minimum display


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Hi Forum,
Fumbling through the DIC menus I noticed a message that’s either new, or I just hadn’t noted before!
I get a message “Minimum display: on”.
I’ve looked in my manual, but I only have info on the VC or the colour DIC (7in is it?)

Does anyone know what this minimum display is and how I change it?
TBH, I’ve always been a little disappointed at the DIC options...I like to see combinations of the driver info and to only have one is a little disappointing!


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u can switch out of minimum display by pressing the < > button on the left of the steering wheel...


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Thanks @pinut
I’ve tried that, but it just seems to switch through the tabs (ie telephone, nav, errors,etc)
Is it short press or long press?



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Presume that you don't have a button on your steering wheel saying "View"?
Although minimum display just disabled everything but the info bar at the top, so is pretty useless to be honest.


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can u take a picture of your meter cluster and also the minimum display on message?

because i can easily switch out of minimum display by scrolling up or down...


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I was in an A6 today with non VC instrument panel and here are my observations. With the drivers display set to OBC view (digital speed, fuel economy, driving time etc) pressing the “view” button on the steering wheel brought up the “minimum display on”message. After a short period of time the message cleared leaving the DIS blank with just the icons across the top of the display visible. On pressing the “view” button again the DIS display resumed. On pressing “view” again the message did not reappear and the DIS went blank, in minimum display mode.
If the left or right scroll button was pressed to change DIS display (radio, nav etc) with the DIS blank the display reverted to minimum display off mode, showing radio stations for example, pressing “view” turned the DIS blank.

The view button selects minimum display on (blank screen) or off (information displayed)
Selecting the < or > buttons when the screen is blank will select the next mode and turn off minimum display.

I didn’t check to see if the “minimum display on” message came back on after the ignition had been turned off and back on. I cannot remember if the A4 system is the same, it’s been some time since I last drove a non VC A4 but I hope this helps.