Moisture comin through vents??


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In my 16' S3, Ive noticed when running my hvac with just the fan, fresh air, no A/C, theres alot of moisture in the air coming through the vents, its very humid. It doesnt stop, neither during city driving or during long highway drives.
Tonight, with fresh air on, trying different temps, defrost vent on,it was still fogging up my windshield, even with the windows down. It makes everything have that humid sticky feeling.

This has happened on dry, hot days too.

Turning on the ac helped a bit, but theres definetly more moisture coming in then I've experienced with other newer cars I've owned.

Anyone had this issue? I don't think I have a leak, the interior doesnt smell, and like I said, AC makes some of it go away.
Every car Ive owned previously blew 'dry' air. Maybe a bad cabin filter?

E: car has 37k kms on it
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Does it do it with a/c on or just off? If a/c is off it’s normal as condensation builds up in the a/c grilles. I only use a/c on all the time.

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I think it's probably fairly normal in the current hot and humid conditions. Turning on A/C will help, as the cooling process dries the air. Is there any particular reason you're running without the climate control turned on anyway?


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I live in a very dry climate, and its amazonian running fresh air. Worse than the last dozen cars Ive owned. Im going to pull my cabin filter, see whats what.