Moggie's A5 3.0tdi build


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I thought I would share my progress with what I have done with our A5.
It's my wife's car but my toy.
Just over a year ago we picked up an 2009 A5 with 85,000km which isn't much for the age of the car. I wanted the pre facelift with the 6sp ZF austo just because I did not want the problems and limitations of the DSG gearbox.
So this is Frosty.
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We really wanted a white one but couldn't go past the price and condition of the grey A5 so less than a week later I started stripping Frosty. It took me a few days today as I took my time and didn't want to break anything.



It took a further couple of days of my wife and I rubbing the car back in the drive way. Neighbours we thing we were crazy lol

I sprayed all the insides of guards, doors bonnet, engine bay ect at home to save for time and cost in the booth.




Once all that was painted I put the car back together and ready to go down to the booth.

To this point here there was easily over a week of solid effort and I was thinking what have I done.
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It was such a good feeling to finally have Frosty in the booth and masking it up. I was extreme lucky that the panel shop next to where I worked allowed me to use their booth after hours. But that ment having to get the job done before opening the next day.



Finally ready for paint after hours of masking.
2 ground coats of white went down first. With another 3 coats of pearl and clear to go


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We didn't leave the booth untill 3am after we turned the oven off and left it in there for the night.
The next day by the time we got down there Frosty was already taken out and demasked, boy were we happy with the result!


I don't know if it's just me but there is somthing about the feel of fresh paint it feels amazing.
We carefully got Frosty back home where she sat in the Garage for a few days before I started to put her back together.

The panel shop got his apprentice back to paint the car for us because he said he is the best painter he has ever seen and he wasn't wrong the job was flawless and finish straight off the gun was unreal. No cutting or buffing here


Along the way we also got all S5 exterior parts, bumpers, mirrors, sideskirts and rs5 look a like grills.




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Finally some finished photos, this is definetly a task I wouldn't take on again lightly there is an incredible amount of work involved and we were lucky to get out of it extremely cheap, only had to pay for paint and $600 for the spray painter. We are so happy with the colour, it is is based of a Mazda colour but amped up a bit.



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Great job, and great result. :thumbs up::thumbs up::thumbs up: