Mods or R32?

Back to the original Ops Question.... Dont mod, you will never be satisfied, not totally anyway. Drive the R32 and a 3.2 and even compare with a spin in an S3, then decide!!!!

... a bit of modding is fun tho ;)
Yup modding is fun, far too much fun and can become compulsive! I love modding just need more dosh lol
compulsive.... its a damn addiction lol
ahhh i know about the dosh thing, its been far too long since ive treated my car, hopefully next month lol
In actual fact the difference is even less than i thought.

Tsukuba Lap Time/Bedford West Circuit Lap Time/Serres Circuit Lap Time/Hockenheim/Nordshleife /Nurburgring

S3 MK2 Drive Magazine Greece........69.29/91.57/97.10/77.50/514.41
A3 3.2 quattro (8P) Best Motoring.......... 70.40/93.04/98.86/78.90/518.53

Yea ..Guildford back to SW London is all up hill as well :lmfao:..must have been one of those odd days the A3 was working !

This was my Source for the above times.
Lap Times - Nurburgring, Bedford, Hockenheim, Serres Lap Times - Predicted Lap Times

Alan Partridge meets ASN

You were banging on about how fast the Toyota was, if it was all about speed I'd be driving a Norris tuned Evo! Its not all about speed though is it? :wub:

I didn't expand on any specs or times you slated the car on the instance of a photo slightly childish of you, Your opinion was not asked about that car and it shouldn't have been bought up in this topic.
****.....****** Beemer drivers.
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The 2.0T's engine weight is 335LB, while the VR6's weight is indicated somewhere as 374LB. The RS3's 2.5T is 403LB. VR6's weight is more than offset by the rear battery placement and all the addition AWD components by the rear wheel.

Anyway, if Audi wants to bring the weight of the VR6 down, they could just make the block out of aluminum instead of steel. But I assume given this is a VW engine, nobody was going to put the effort to do that. All of Audi only engines has aluminum block.

I thought you were joking but as far as i can see you are right.........oooh that will upset the TTRS boys who claim the 3.2 is just too heavy to stick out the front like that......:lmfao:
I thought you were joking but as far as i can see you are right.........oooh that will upset the TTRS boys who claim the 3.2 is just too heavy to stick out the front like that......:lmfao:
LOL, yeah, Its not like the VR6 has a V shaped block with 2 heads. It is all in one unit. Plus, all the transverse engines seem to be made of cast iron block, with Audi making a big hoopla about the TTRS & RS3's 2.5T block made of vermicular graphite cast iron. But you look at practically every Audi exclusive engine in its line, they all have aluminum blocks. Ranging from to 14 stones (374 LB) for their 3.2 v6 to 30 stones (417 LB) for the 3.0T that is powering much of their cars to 31 stones (437 LB) for their 4.2 v8.
Seems to me that they have spent a fortune lightening the front end of these cars to compensate for a cast iron block. What an **** about face way of doing things !! whether it will work i dont know still have a huge mass in a lump trying to go straight on at a corner. It does probably explain why they are doing the RS3 as a sportback with a couple of extra heavy doors nearer the back.
Easier to recast parts with lighter metal than to redesign engine block from the lowly 2.5T. They did use a stronger block material from their diesel technology, but it is still cast iron. To use aluminum would probably require a new sheet design that is out of the scope of Quattro GmBH. Although they did design the Gallardo engine, though that is again, based on layout of a prior 4.2, extended from 8 to 10 cylinders.
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Aaaaah ye old 3.2 V S3 talk!

I agree on the 0-60 and 1/4 lap judging, its what I used to do!!

I have 'beat' about 4 S3s since having my A3, and 2 have 'beat' me, but none of us were racing, we were either turning seperate ways or simply in the right lane.

Realistically, the S3 no doubtly has the edge due to power - what is the likely hood of coming up against one that will actually play with you? I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity, I literally flew past him and he was dust in my mirrors :aggressive:

:keule:In come the neew naws and 3 points lol

When you get engrossed in stastics, vids and opinion its hard to see past the performance/engine mod possibilities. Like my A3 gets 5 hp from a 300 quid remap yet the 2.0T would get at least 30!! However I wanted DSG+Quattro on a restrictive budget so a FWD was out the window.

The V6 noise never gets old, lovely when you plant it and silent when you cruise. I could never go back to a turbo, well I may change my mind when a used DSG S3 costs much much less ;)

Go and test drive/see a car before deciding that because it wont do 0-60 0.0000003 quicker its not worth it!

PS: R32 = pwnage for that sporty feel, 3.2 = same speed, slightly less better handling but comfort/luxury.

Sorry if im off topic :nyah:
I've been doing some more looking into matters.

The cost to change to an R32 is going to be in the region of £5-7k for an '08 plate and even £4k for a like-for-like '56 plate with more miles. I guess dealers have to make their money somehow! That said, the overall ownership and running costs of an R32 are even competitive with a newer diesel (not that I'd ever own such a thing), just because they depreciate slowly.

But they say that the cheapest car is the one you already own - and my sums show it to be a hands-down winner on costs, even if I mod it a bit.

I still can't decide between the two options - but at least we've learnt that running a diesel isn't always cheaper! :)
Consider yourself bollocked go stand in the corner :-(..............farh...its just a chat room mate :lmfao:
I know, thats why i was laughing :laugh: My Auntie is dying of cancer right now, so you really can't take life to seriously.

Especially not Toyotas :laugh:
true! if it keeps you happy i got rid of the toyota!

love R32s. slightly resent that VW went down the 2.0T route for it's MK VI .:R variant... i can understand why they did it but if it were me i'd be putting the Passat's 3.6 litre lump in it :)

maybe if they'd had two lineups, the GTI-R with the 2.0T and an .:R with a VR6. it's not as if they'd have to develop a new engine so it'd cost them peanuts to do

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