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Modification prices

thesmileyone Jan 1, 2018

  1. thesmileyone

    thesmileyone Registered User

    I got a list of stuff I want to do for my a3. I don't have tools or even a garage for it currently so I am wondering if anyone has had the following done and can give me a rough estimate on prices or how much it cost you?

    Auto dimming rear view mirror + light / rain pack + coming home lights
    Light pack (the red lighting you get)
    Cruise control
    Upgrading from 8p3 sport to s-line bodykit (unsure what is required, I believe rear is just diffuser?)
    sports cat + downpipe + remap

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  3. maxpayne

    maxpayne Registered User

    Start at the awesome website of @FredrikA3 - http://lightnings.dk/8P_en.html

    I’ve personally done interior lights (and door and puddle lights too) and cruise control.

    For interior lights, you’re best off getting the LEDs from @t8ups and the looms form eBay. Whole thing would cost around £60 or less. But the real cost is time as I found taking off door cards, creating cutouts etc. rather cumbersome.

    I was lucky with control, managed to get a brand new part and the steering wheel cowling for £80 on eBay. The genuine thing from dealers would cost approximately £120.
    Fitting takes about an hour and you’ll need to have M10 spline bolt remover to remove the steering wheel.

    Also, both above require coding via VCDS so factor that cost in too.
  4. prt57

    prt57 Registered User

    A BCS downpipe and R-Tech remap will be in the region of £1000. To get the best out of the downpipe you would need an intake too.
  5. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Registered User

    Hi @thesmileyone - do you have VCDS? If not I’d say that this should be your first purchase. It’s a big initial outlay but once you have it you’ll use it for everything and more. I bought mine from Grendan, a UK supplier. This is for the 10Vin bundle but there is cheaper options: https://m.gendan.co.uk/product_VCV210B.html

    For your door warning & puddle lights and footwell lights, order them from @RobinA3. He can also include an LED upgrade for these items - I made the mistake of getting the footwell kit from eBay (to save a little money) and they wouldn’t connect to my MY central electronics module.

    Front Roof/Map lights with the red LEDS that shine down is approx £70 on eBay or £104 new from Audi. You’ll need to change over the internal sensor from your current one. Part number 8E0947135D6PS. This part is shared with the A4/S4 but make sure you get the single vent at the rear of the light.

    Rear foor ceiling/map lights - this is the individual map lights, not the single reflector light in newer A3. It’s about £25 from eBay or £44 new from Audi. Part number 8E0947111A. Also an A4/S4 part.

    The ashtray delete - this would reuse your cigarette lighter led which will be used to light up the new cubby/pocket.
    - cigarette lighter (with flappy lid) 8P0 863 387 A6 PS
    - pocket/tray 8P0 863 301 A4 PK
    - diffuser/light cover 8P0 864 138 A4 PK
    - led light bar 8P0 857 355
    User power from ashtray light, feed through. It's just long enough! All parts come to approx £80
    7F064637-9EB2-4FF3-B815-BEC28E2E2792.jpeg D9972439-9AE0-4246-80D1-5A14915B957D.jpeg

    Finally, the Q3 climate control - also in pic above.
    It’s roughly £85 on eBay but @ch1z64 picked his up for £12. The part number is 8U0820043G and a small amount of coding needs to be done.

    All the above can de down by yourself at the side of the road - just follow the guides on here which document everything you need.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
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  6. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Registered User

    Regarding your downpipe, sportscat and remap - Audi cancelled my warranty as I’d fitted the BCS. I always knew I was taking a gamble modifying while in warranty but this time it’s not in my favour. One year is a long time to wait (before you start modding), especially when you read this forum each day so just be aware.

    My steering rack has now gone and although the car is still (on paper) under warranty I’ll be needing to sort it myself.
  7. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Thats bullsh*t Sam, the downpipe has nothing to do with the steering rack so doesn't affect the warranty one bit on that part.
    I bought my 8P S3 from an Audi dealer and it had a full milltek with sports cat already on it, I fitted H&R springs and still had a full replacement S-tronic box fitted under warranty!
    I had my 8V in last week for an oil change and it was pointed out to me that the springs voided my suspension warranty which I accept.
  8. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Registered User

    Hi @-Ju-, I know - their policies are so inconsistent. It was actually over siezed rear calipers where they highlighted the Revo, after market exhaust, VagBrem discs - even though they did a load of work in July and never mentioned it. Apparently they have ‘reprimanded heir Master Technician who should not have proceeded with the original work’ but also ‘we’ve even phone Audi UK to be honest with them they we did warranty work on a modified vehicle for which we’ll fully reimbursement them’. Subsequently cancelling my warranty. This is utter BS IMO. I may even see if a dealership outside of Sytner will be more accommodating.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
  9. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    As @samuelh_888 has said buy a genuine Vcd's cable first as you might already be able to get CH / LH on via vcd's . Now you have to decide do i want comfort first or performance if it is the latter well get a GFB+ , a ITG air intake that alone you will feel a little more power before you even go to get a map done . Think off maybe lowering the car and sort out suspension ( if you find it to heavy ) . The list is endless and i hope your pockets are deep cause all this will come with a heafty cost and thats not even talking about interior upgrades All the best n keep us updated on how you get on .

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