MMI Speed Camera?


On the facelift path...
I was wondering if the C6 MMI have speed camera warnings?
I havent actually needed to use my navigation system yet.

Can anyone advise on this?

I am planning a trip with the family to Newquay and wanting to use the cruise control set at 70mph.

I understand that there will be strips that will be lower speeds. Will there be a warning?


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Afraid not. Even if you were to successfully modify the data (not sure anyone has actually managed it) and added speed cameras as POIs there is no POI alert function in the system. If you have either a standalone sat nav or a smart phone then I would recommend Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras as an excellent source of speed camera data and well worth the subscription.

However the prospect of you driving at 70 though a 30 just because there are no speed cameras is really frightening


On the facelift path...
Haha. Scary indeed. Of course I will slow down to national speed limits when I see the signs.

I guess I will just keep a lookout when I can and use the cruise control on the M4 and M5.