MMI screen - 2 pages or 3 pages to swipe on?


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The MMI on my 2020MY A5 Sportback S-Line (B9.5) has two pages that can be swiped on, both filled with boxes to tap on to access further functions.

However, the MMI on my 2021MY A4 Avant S-Line (also a B9.5) has three pages to swipe on.

The additional page at the start is rather nice - it is split vertically into three portions. The first portion has the local weather, the middle portion has your phone and the third is with what you are listening to on the radio / audio source.

Has anyone got this third screen on their 2020MY A5 B9.5? Or is it just a 2021MY update?

Finally, can it be had with a software update from Audi? Looking on the car's update page there aren't any. Calling my Audi dealer to enquire they only had a 'Diagnostics Interface' sofware update for my A5 fixing the mobile app not, possibly, connecting with the car.

Thanks in advance