mmi music streaming issue


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Hello,i have just bought a 2011 plate a6 s line and i cant play any music from my iphone.
Ive done a bit of research and i believe i have the mmi 2g system with the cd autochanger and the satnav player wuth the two sd cards slots,but no aux port or ami port anywhere.
Through my research i understand that i can retrofit the ami system by removing the cd autochanger and replacing it with the ami unit.
Has anybody done this?if so could anybody point me in the right direction as regards part numbers and anything else i may need please?


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I don't know details about retrofit, but certainly you have MMI 3G according to model year. MMI 3G Basic if you do not have small joystick on top of MMI central knob or if you have then is MMI 3G High.

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If you have a 3g basic (same as me) then you could retrofit the AMI cable like I did then either connect iphone directly to it or purchase an bluetooth device that you can stream music to through the AMI. In a nutshell the 3g basic bluetooth module cant handle music streaming I think only voice. Check this thread I started ages ago...
Good luck
Oh and dont forget to enable the hidden green menu either

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