MMI mirrow IPhone X


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Hey everyone,

Recently I changed my phone to a IPhone X. Before I had an IPhone 7. My mmi is sd card one on my prefacelift A3 using hdmi and AV converter.

With Waze and the IPhone 7 the 5’’ screen was nearly filled.. with my new iPhone X display ratio is a lot smaller. I have tried changing video settings on the external function of the mmi to auto, zoom, original but non of them fills the screen with waze.

Any of you had same issue?



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I’m using this system

Ratio display with the iPhone 7 was fine filling up nearly all the screen..

Lots of issues with the Iphone X and Audi as I understand it - Not compatible I think same applies to iphone 8 as well - Now I know some people are using 8's and X's but don't think Audi are supporting yet

They are always 1 phone and IOS behind!!