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I have just fitted a 3g high mmi unit, new gateway 0071 module and new climate control and radio amp in boot, all works apart from mmi controller by gearknob, is there a coding for these or do I have to change to joystick varient, as I have the normal ones with media, nav and telephone buttons, Car is a 2007 and came with 2g low as standard

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B5NUT has done a similar upgrade , hopefully he will be along to help point you in the right direction....


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Already PM me. Think he is now stuck on changing the baud rate so the control panel works correctly. I did my install over 5 years ago and cannot remember changing it on the 3G system, and as I don't have a C6 anymore I cannot go out and check on the settings.


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so yes fitted all items mmi high 5f module, with sim and hard drive, amp/dab radio combo, 0071 gateway and also new 3g high screen and later climate control, only bit left is the e380 control panel as I cant get original one to work(worked on 2g high fine) also had all component protection removed from all modules with odis online but still comes up with component protection on main screen, also wierd thing is I had instrument cluster replaced to facelift one 1 year ago and this shows radio options on display and steering wheel can navigate and change them, also climate panel shows on main display screen when adjusting temps, I really think the control panel being wrong is cocking everything up.


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sorry to be a pain everyone, I am just double checking my wiring on this, can people look at pictures and see if i have wiring arrangement correct to pinouts, only wire I have left is pin 10 on the e380 mmi controls plug, have no idea what pin to connect it to on the 5f(j794) module, thanks everyone, only checking as got the later e380 control panel with joystick and still wont work, not lighting up or anything, seriously confused


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