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  1. AndySpring27

    AndySpring27 Registered User

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice before I literally pull all my remaining hair out!!!
    I picked up my new A4 black edition 2020 last week. Ever since, the MMI has had an annoyingly regular fault which makes it randomly mute when on DAB or media. The touch screen also randomly changes between menus when I'm not touching it. It also asks me to sign in again at regular intervals with my email stating I've not been logged in for some time, despite me driving it 5 mins before!!! AARRGGHH!! Any advice or ideas greatly received.
    Thanks, Andy
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  3. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Registered User

    Had something like when i had my 2018 SQ5. Not all of your problems but the radio related ones. Back to Audi i think mate as it was an software issue. They had mine in & after they did a software upgrade it was sorted with no further problem:icon thumright:. Only thing now is could be a long wait for you. :frown:

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