mmi fault?


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My Dec 15, 65 plate rs3 has just had its inspection service at 31k miles.
I've now driven home and have noticed the following:

When I turned the ignition off and removed the key it used to automatically turn off the radio, it no longer does.
Locking the car used to put the mmi screen away, it no longer does. The radio also stays on.

The sat nav, radio screen etc are always on, I no longer get the sat nav, radio is initializing messages.

The garage are saying the only mmi function they did was to cycle through the car modes, dynamic, auto etc etc.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could have happened?

If not I guess I've a 40 minute drive back to the dealer.




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Update, fixed.
Press menu button, rotary button and top right control button to reset the mmi.