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MMI Driving me crackers

Simon Oct 30, 2020

  1. Simon

    Simon Registered User

    I have a 2011 S4 with MMI 3g high - latest firmware installed. There is an ipod classic in the glovebox with a proper audi interface cable and that is what is use 99% of the time.

    However I usually listen to playlists rather than a specific artist or album and this is where the problem lies. frequently - ie most of the time I'll get out of the car listening to 1 play list and when I get back in and restart the car it has reverted to playing the first playlist in the playlist list, this can be an hour later or the next day.

    Sometimes though it is perfectly fine and will carry on from where I left it, occasionally it will finish playing out the album from the song that was playing and then carry on with the original playlist

    do I have a ghost??


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