MMI - Audi Connect/Android Auto


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Jan 11, 2018
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So, I'm confused. My MMI is definitely linked to my myAudi account - I've logged in on the MMI, set myself up as the key user, can see my destinations, but on the myAudi app it says "The Audi connect infotainment services are not yet linked to the vehicle. Please enter the 8 digit PIN in your MMI:", then an 8 character PIN.

I can't find anywhere on the MMI to enter this.

However I'm not sure what I'm missing, I can lock/unlock the car from the app, see the oil, fuel, windows, locks status etc.

I was also trying to set the infotainment to use my phone for data, but that option seems to be greyed out.

Lastly, Android Auto crashes on my phone after about 90 seconds without fail - it's a OnePlus 3.

Anyone any ideas?

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