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Q5 MMI 3G+ without SIM slot. How to connect wi-fi and what's the point?

forty3 Oct 10, 2018

  1. forty3

    forty3 Active Member

    I everyone. i usually lurk over in the b8 forums but I've just retrofitted a 3G+ unit from a 2016 Q5 which doesn't have the SIM card slot and I'm a bit confused.

    I'm confused as my mobile discovered the unit has a wi-fi connection and I was able to connect. I then got a message telling me to start the audi connect app which in turn gave me a pin number to enter into the unit.

    Unfortunately i can't find anywhere to enter said pin number. anyone have any ideas?

    Also, what is the point of having a wi-fi connection between your phone and the headunit? thanks in advance

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