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MMI 2G high updating and new map disk

marsmail Jun 5, 2012

  1. marsmail

    marsmail Member

    I am hoping that someone can come to my aid and guide me through updating my MMI and SatNav systems.

    I have a 2005 C6 Avant with MMI 2G high currently on software version 21.2.0 and the map DVD for 2006 (2005 data)
    I have disks to update to the current software 55.7.0 as well as a DVD map disk for 2012 (actually 2011 data - but I suppose that is normal)

    I have read here and elsewhere that you "insert the CD in position 1 of the player and press "return" and "info" together for a few seconds (although elsewhere it was suggested for 6 seconds) to enter setup" I have tried this and all that happens is that the "Info" screen appears - nothing else.
    What am I doing wrong? Before pressing the buttons the screen shows "CD-ROM" so it knows what its got.

    I am worried too about the new map disk. Having loaded it in the DVD player in the boot, the screen reads "new software found - Instal - yes / no ?
    At that point I chickened out not knowing what was going to happen, and not wanting to trash the SatNav just before setting off to the wilds of the NorthEast.

    So, presently I am stuck with my 2006 Nav disk and the well out of date version of the MMI software - BUT - at least everything still works!!

    Having looked at the files on the nav disk is what throws me.
    The 2006 disk has weird named files some of which have ".DB" extension. A Database file - OK I get that, it's fine but, the new disk has similar (but larger and differently named) files which end in ".DB_"
    I can't help thinking that these are somehow not right?
    Is anyone able to throw light on the difference please and tell me if I will be OK loading it and allowing it to "Instal new software"

    Sorry about the long post, just trying to avoid leaving anything relevant out.

    Basically, two questions
    1 with the CD in position 1 of the CD changer, what key(s) should be pressed to enter "setup" and if I had the right ones, why did it not happen? and
    2 are the .DB_ files just the current way of naming these files or is there something wrong with the disk (for information it is not genuine Audi sourced, it was downloaded as an ISO image, burned and verified and usually the "_" is added to a file that is incomplete or compressed, but surely the ISO image is an exact copy of the original?)

    I do hope aomeone out there will have the knowledge to advise me whether or not to proceed or whether I am going to have to bite the bullet and pay a stealers rates to get the job done (I do hope not - it's an oldish car, mine from new so it might prove better and cheaper to buy a TomTom !!)

    Thanks in advance


    Later edit

    A thought just occured to me, does anyone have a genuine 2010 or 2012 MMI 2G high disk that they could put in their computer and see what the files are named?
    That really would make the choice to go or not easy!

    Hope someone actually has a genuine disk!

    Last edited: Jun 5, 2012
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  3. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    I said yes to the upgrade of just chucking in the 2012 disc and it worked fine
  4. bambucco

    bambucco New Member

    If anyone is willing to send me a copy of the 2012 DVD MMI 2g upgrade, I will be most grateful.
  5. marsmail

    marsmail Member

    It would be helpful to know if you were using a genuine Audi disk or some "unofficial" copy one.
  6. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

  7. coach

    coach Member


    This is what I followed and it worked a treat. Had to run disc 1 and only ran disc 2 once. Did my sons car the same way with no problems

    To check your current MMI version, depending on MMI version
    1) click CAR menu and function button for Version, or
    2) click SETUP button, function button for Settings and select Version from menu. Version number is the middle number in the SW: row, 5570 being 55.7.0.

    First you need to obtain the 5570 upgrade CD set (three CDs). It is very cheap and usually can be obtained from your Audi spareparts desk. There are at least two different part-numbers for the set:

    4L0 998 961

    Note: You are updating and following this guide at your own risk. A failed update may break stuff. You could also ask your dealer to do this update, although some won't do it without a pressing reason (like a bug or Audi techical bulletin).

    To start the update process, press and hold the MMI controls SETUP and RETURN until the screen changes, then look for SWupdate from CD-ROM, select accordingly and follow instructions. Update CD goes into the first slot on the CD drive/changer. You can also browse the menus here to see what component/device versions (SW-Index) you are running (make note of them so that you can check for successful updates). Use the update CDs as follows:

    If you are running MMI version older than 5150/5170, run update CD1 first. Otherwise it is not needed.

    If you car has telephony functions like phone-prep, run update CD2 second. You may need to run more than once because the phone-prep is a bit tricky to update, check the versions numbers and especially run CD2 twice if your Bluetooth/telephony functions disappear from MMI.

    Finally, when previous steps have been confirmed to have worked, update with CD3. After that you should be at 5570.

    Using an external battery-charger while updating is recommended or keeping the engine running if legal in your part of the world. Do not disrupt the update process, an interrupted update process may, again, break stuff.
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  8. marsmail

    marsmail Member

    An update.

    I "bit the bullet" and did the update. All went well and I now have 2012 maps (well really 2011, but thats the latest)
    I enquired of the local dealer how much and was it worth doing the MMI software upgrade and after 10 days and a follow up from me - nothing!
    I have decided on the basis of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" to leave well enough alone. Everything works the way it used to and that is enough for me.
    The oddly named ".db_" files caused no problems at all
    Thanks to everyone who gave advice or showed interest.

  9. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    Just checked mine looks like I'm on 3450 ?
  10. AutoJack

    AutoJack Member Audi A6 quattro S-line owners group

    @coach thanks for this info and part number; just ordered my set from Audi Carlisle for £6!
  11. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    If you have a genuine bluetooth phone prep in your car, you must run update disk 2 two times through. The first time it will be very quick and the second time can take upto an hour, so make sure you have a good battery or leave the engine running.

    1. Disk 1 5150 update
    2. Disk 2 Bluetooth phone prep update
    3. Disk 3 5570 update
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