MMI 2G High (No Bose) - Supposed AMP failure


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Yesterday the MMI started playing up, it would only come on briefly play for a bit then reset, maybe/maybe not work.

Later on it stopped working completely.

Analysis with VCDS showed the AMP wasn't getting power.

Checked the fuses and sure enough the 30A fuse was blown, replaced that this morning, but nothing, still dead, but fuse has not blown since.

Am I missing something? e.g. reset procedure or another fuse somewhere?

Mainly I'd rather it be something simple, before forking out for a replacement unit.

NOTE: It's not water ingress, it's dry back there.

Additional, if there is nothing else I can do other than replace it, anyone got a spare for sale, 4F0 035 223.

SW was listed as 4F0 035 223C on mine, but has been updated.


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Turns out it is amp failure and due to water ingress, washer pipe is leaking.

Got a replacement fitted, but pending CP removal.