MMI 2G Bluetooth Update


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Hey Guys,

Just bought a B8 A4 which has MMI 2G.

When pairing with my Ssmsung S6 Edge but looks like it uses RSAP protocol and I lose network connectivity on my phone.

Is there a way to pair it differently so it doesnt use RSAP , or do I need to change the bluetooth module to a different type?

In my VW Golf car when paired to Bluetooth, My wife and son can still go on youtube and surf the web on my phone. Would like it to be the same on the Audi

Any help is appreciated. I have VCDS if that helps


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This has been resolved, did a bit of reading and found if you start the pairing from your phone instead of doing it on the mmi, it pairs using HFP (hands free profiles) rather than rsap. Just what i needed! Hopefully this post helps someone in the same position as me.

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