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MK2 TT - Bose speakers stopped working

AndyB-S3 Mar 11, 2018

  1. AndyB-S3

    AndyB-S3 Well-Known Member Team Panther Team Samoa Orange Audi S3 Audi TT

    Hey all,

    just a quick one for those who may know. I have a TT MK2 with the upgraded Bose system etc.

    All of a sudden the speakers just stopped working, the head unit still works fine along with NAV and phone, but not a peep out the speakers. I have checked fuses and they seem ok, I swapped out with another fuse similar amp and head unit still worked etc but still no speakers.

    I did a google and read that the AMP can just pack in all of a sudden and thats the cause? Has anyone had this happen to them?

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  3. leon263

    leon263 Member

    Typical symptom of Bose amp failure in the TT. The amp is situated behind the panel on the left hand side of the boot and is susceptible to water ingress from the wheel well. The circuit boards corrode and eventually the amp fails, as in your case. This is a very common complaint on the TT and very few will not have suffered from it. The only answer is to remove the amp and send it off for repair. SVT Services in Edinburgh are the preferred experts and have and excellent reputation for quick turn around and workmanship. They will repair the amp, seal the circuit boards so that there will be no repeat failures and guarantee their work for 12 mts. Expect to pay in the region of £180 for the repair.
    I speak from experience as do a multitude of TT owners over on the TT Forum. Mine failed about 2 years ago, was repaired by SVT Services and has not missed a beat since.

    Link below for SVT Services. Have a look at their site and read up on the problem and the cure.

  4. AndyB-S3

    AndyB-S3 Well-Known Member Team Panther Team Samoa Orange Audi S3 Audi TT

    That is great, thanks so much for the reply!! I will try and take it off today and then sort out repair this week.

    Thanks again,

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