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MK2 Fuel Flap Removal

McD_135 Aug 4, 2014

  1. McD_135

    McD_135 New Member


    Me and the missus have both recently picked up new TT's, One white and one red. Both have the enhanced black package of 19" black rotor arm alloys and black fixed rear spoiler.
    The only silver things on the car are the rings on the front grille which I'm happy to leave, and the fuel filler flap which I'm not happy with. I've found images of cars with them painted, wrapped or replaced. I've found a bodyshop locally that will paint them but as he has never removed one before is unsure how to do it. I've tried every kind of search i can think of but can't find any info on how to remove the fuel flap assembly.
    Is it as simple as removing the 3 screws inside the flap and pulling it out? Obviously I don't want to rush into this blind so I'm hoping that someone out there can help me.

  2. glospete

    glospete Well-Known Member Team Ibis Team Glacier TFSI Owners Group Audi A3 Audi TT S-line owners group

    Here you go:


    If you haven't registered for the TT Forum yet I recommend that you do. As the Audi-Sport is great for certain models so the TT Forum is for the TT.

    I've just noticed that you have to be registered to view the Forum. The link I gave you has a detailed step by step guide to removing the fuel flap.

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