MK2 Front seats


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Can't really find much on the net regarding the front seats on the mk2 tt.

I have found that on a long drive it becomes pretty uncomfortable compared to my B8 A4.

I've put it down to the fact I cant tilt the bottom of the seat up at the front so have no leg support.

Anyone know if they do a manual multi contour seat. Only seem to have electric ones in the TTrs. Or is there anyway around it.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has come across this.



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I've seen a few similar posts and the only answer appears to be spacers under the front of the seat rails to achieve a degree of tilt. Basically, slide the seat back as far as possible, remove the two front bolts that hold the seat rails to the floor , insert a number of washers under the seat rails to achieve the desired degree of tilt and replace the bolts being sure that they go through the washers. Obviously, you want to be sure that the bolts have a good grip of the floor so it may be necessary to use longer bolts depending on how many washers you insert.