Ethan Crawford

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Okay, my target is ideally circa 350 horsepower, want it to be use able, not late spool but also want it to last as it will be a daily driver!
My current spec is as followed

1.8t BAM engine code
3inch BAFMotorpsort downpipe and decat
Cobra res Cat back (2.75inch I think?)
Welly cooler and all pipework
Ramair induction kit
Random silicone Tip (will be getting Badger5!)
Red top coils and adapters
Polybushed a fair bit of the car, dogbone is done!
Handling wise, got a set of stance plus winter beaters for winter lows, then koni and I believe 40mm springs for when I want to actually attack roads
Eibach front and rear arb
Oem front strut brace
Will be booking in new year for a BAF Motorsport rear brace
Clutch wise, started slipping about a month ago, so got a CG motorsport 666 kit sat in the shed to be fitted after Xmas, recommened by a few people very familiar with the 1. 8ts

Now, I plan on either
A) if a built engine, rods at a minimum, or rods and valvetrain/valves done comes up for sale with proof, will be going that route if one shows up for sale in feb/January time
B) just going for the forged rods if no such engine comes up for sale and I have to use my original

The main question is, in regards to spark plugs, injectors, turbo and manifold, what choices are tried and tested, if capable of more then 350, even better, because I don't want the turbo to near its limits at 350! Ideally as cheap as possible in regards to parts, buts really don't want to be paying too little to shoot myself in the foot!

What's my options?