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MK1 Audi S3

MK1 S3 Mar 13, 2018

  1. MK1 S3

    MK1 S3 New Member

    How it all started, a factory standard S3 owned by the old gentleman in the back virtually from new! Bought of him with only 72k on the clock, fully serviced and in good condition!


    Will be carrying out some enhancements/upgrades :)
    I've also made an insta account - mk1_audi_s3 feel free to follow :)
  2. Michael O'Connor

    Michael O'Connor Active Member

    That's nice man. I would like to get an 8L S3 as my next car, there's something so mean looking about them, the front arches are so flared. I find older blokes always have really well maintained cars, I bought my A3 off an older chap who was selling the car for his dad, 16k on a 2006 plate and full audi service history!

    Look forward to the progress on this. What's next?
  3. ckl139

    ckl139 Member

    Nice car mate. Bought recently?

    was looking at similar on auto trader

    Wonder if it same?

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