mix+tracklisting (soulful house music) silver75


Big Ron
OK go to the link type in the code, click download and bob's your aunties live in lover. Its 54 minutes long so may take a while...
Its soulful house so obviously if you know your gonna hate it dont download it!
If you do though let me know what you think



Big Ron

Artist "title" (mix) label

Loose Baggage "Dancin'" Not sure what label but could find out

Second Crusade "May the funk be with you" (soul crusade mix) freeze dance

Studio Apartment feat Monique Bingham "Flight" (Nulife instrumental) Nitegrooves

Yukihiro Fukutomi & Blaze "Love Each other" King Street

Groove Box "Latin Ritual" (beats) Nitegrooves

Anane "Amazing Love" (roots instrumental) Vega Records

White label - aint got a clue its by or what its called

Louie Vega feat Anane "Ma mi mama" (Glen Underground remix) Vega Records

Mental Remedy "Kota Rete" Ibadan

Myra "Come to me" (ricanstruction Broken down instrumental) Nitegrooves

Louie Vega feat Blaze "Love is on the way" (ext roots mix) Vega records

Stephanie Cooke "I thank you" (shelter Blaze Vocal mix) Henry Street

Kerri Chandler "On my way" Nitegrooves

Matthias Heilbronn feat Monique Bingham "Go Better" Papa Records

Ended up being quite "latin" sounding but this is pretty much what Im into at the mo if anyone else has got anything worth listening to just bung it on this thread ;)


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Good stuff! A hint of MAW with Louie Vega i see, a good sign imo.;) I'll download & get back to you :beerchug:


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Loaded onto the MD player and I'm off for a drive round :)


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Just had a listen and it certainly made a change from the baning Sasha & Digweed mix I'd been listening to! Nice work silver - I'm looking forward to your next, heavier mix :music:


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I like the latin theme. Reminds me of the old HK Beach House discs. Before Hed Kandi went a bit crap.


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Nice mix silver, very nice. Although *enter constructive criticism* I did think it was flying along. I slowed it down a bit and it sounded much more at home :yes: imo

rich1068 said:
I like the latin theme. Reminds me of the old HK Beach House discs. Before Hed Kandi went a bit crap.

Head Kandi used to be some quality mixes but rightly stated, they have become very commercialised and, well... crap.:puke2:


Big Ron

Some deep, deep house for the weekend..


just click on the link, put in the code and bobs your aunties live in lover, its about 20 minutes long...

Blaze "klubtrance" Slip 'n' Slide

Nick Jones "Nicks Theme" ??might be the B side Nitegrooves

Kimani "Beautiful Life" Groove On

Blaze/Alexander Hope "Never Can Get Away" Slip 'n' Slide

Cricco Castelli ??wonderful deep house tune cant remember what its called



Big Ron

20 minutes of soulful vocal house here ^^

The Pride Featuring Byron Stingly/Norma Jean/Jasper Street "Paradise" Nervous Records

Quentin Harris Featuring Monique Bingham "You Cant Have New York" Shelter

Cant remember "I'll Be There" will edit this when I remember

Peace :cool:


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Do you have any old skool garage mixes Silver, from around 1998...


Big Ron
I have some oldschool garage but no mixes on the PC will see what I can do, the 1st mix on this thread was done 12 monthes ago so Im not exactly prolific when it comes to uploading stuff! This is all stuff I have on the computer allready

anyway heres more vocal house this ones about 25 minutes


Joi Cardwell "Run To You" Eightball

Billi "It comes Around" Nervous

Loni Clarke "Searchin" Groove On

Will edit when I remember Matthias Helbronn Wave

Blaze "Lovely Ones Reprise" Life Line Records

I more....


Bob Sinclair "Freedom" Defected

Jody Watley Featuring Roy Ayers "Love to Love" (Remix) MAW

Laid "Punch up" Symple Records

Kim English "Supernatural" (Mousse T Supersoul Mix) Hi Life

Louie Vega Featuring Raul Midon "Cerca di Mi" Vega Records



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I think I'll crack open a few beers later tonight and download these. I will let you know what I think.

Karl:icon_thumright: .