Missing service book


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So my A3 had it's first and only service back in September. As usual I don't keep the service book in the car and forgot to bring it in at the time so they said to pop in sometime to get it stamped up.

Of course I never got round to this until this weekend when I figured I ought to sort it out as the car is going back soon. Lo and behold I discover there's no service book in the wallet at all. Everything else seems to be there, just no service book.

Now I can't for the life of me think I've lost it because, as I said, this was its first service and I'd have had no reason to look at nor remove the service book from the wallet. I'm thus wondering if it was ever there to start with.

At first I figured the car was using the new Digital Service Schedule and this is why there was no book but, when the dealer checked on their system, it said the car wasn't using this and thus there should be a service book. I've heard conflicting info about when the digital schedule stuff came into effect but, as my car was delivered in October 2012, I think it was indeed too early for this.

Does anyone else here who got their cars as early as me actually have a service book?

I'll speak to the lease company tomorrow to see what the deal is but I suspect they'll just say I've lost it and charge me for a replacement or something - god knows how much that'll cost :(


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Oh well looks like mine's gone walkies then.

Sorted it though, got a duplicate one this evening from the dealer - the parts guy was going to charge me until the service guy who usually deals with me said it was free :)


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March 2013, no service book. Had it serviced recently and was told all the records were held electronically...

However, rang a different dealer today to ask about next service and they said they have no record of the previous service on the database.... Grrr.

Need to find out what's going on as the local dealer is of the opinion that I should have a service book.