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Missfiring on boost, possible knackered turbo?

GeorgieS3 Jul 19, 2018

  1. GeorgieS3

    GeorgieS3 Registered User

    So following up on this, I didn’t manage to find a leak anywhere. Also haven’t got round to changing any sensors yet as I’ve been away. Car has done around 100 miles so next to nothing all I’ve done it put some cataclean stuff in with fuel.....
    But it’s gotton worse.

    I went to drive to work in it the other day, got upto temp and I set off - got about 200m down the road and as soon as I came on a bit of boost it’s started miss firing and eml flashing. Limped it Home and left it and went to work in my other motor.

    These where the codes I got, View attachment 160876

    Following this I’ve swapped coil packs over to see if it’s them, also ordered some new spark plugs as mine looked tired.

    This was today and I’ve just unplugged the Maf and gone for another short run, as soon as I came on boost again it started missfiring and spluttering and actually cut out, this time the misfire was still on cylinder 1, but had also moved to cylinder 2 from 3.

    View attachment 160877

    So.... I’ve just taken the tip and surrounding pipes off, checked for leaks and there’s nothing. There is some oil in the tip though, and also at the bottom of the turbo housing itself. in terms of play in the turbo - it’s very very minimal, maybe 1/2mm in and out and side to side.
    Could the turbo oil seal be gone?? There’s no smoke from exhaust. And could this cause missfires?
    Previous to this I was getting the odd code p0138 and p1176 - directing my towards thinking the cat was on its way out.

    Thanks guys - hopefully someone can shed some light.
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  3. scotty_24

    scotty_24 Registered User

  4. GeorgieS3

    GeorgieS3 Registered User

    Checked them on there mate, ordered new plugs which should be here tomorrow.
    Going to check the coil pack harness aswell as new coil packs.
    Hopefully that does the trick :icon thumright:
  5. Warsuperior

    Warsuperior Registered User

    Coil pack looms break easily. I found inside of mine many wires stripped bare naked and some almost broken apart.
    cheap coil pack loom but you have to do bit DIY
    Easy job to slice wires, if you have any experience.
  6. GeorgieS3

    GeorgieS3 Registered User

    That will be by next port of call I think! Thanks.
  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B Registered User

    if it was me I would disconnect the N75 and floor the car allowing the misfire to start creating codes and a hard fault with flashing EML - if it doesn't misfire with N75 / actuator pressure then it is related to boost. I wouldn't start mixing your faults as seeing oil in the TIP and charge pipe and intercoolers and throttle body might be a different issue to your misfire - unless of course you have regularly checked for oil blow-by in these areas and they were always clear.
  8. GeorgieS3

    GeorgieS3 Registered User

    Hi Stuart,
    That’s a good idea - I will try that to narrow it down. To be honest mate when I fitted the airtec cooler I noticed a small amount but not loads so I just thought it was normal.

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