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Facelift Misfire #4 cylinder on 6k+ rpm

rcnacura Nov 28, 2019

  1. rcnacura

    rcnacura US Spec 8V

    I've been chasing this problem for awhile and noticed that some other people are also having exact issue, however we have no solution to get it to stop. Hoping to get some feedback/help if anyone is familiar...

    1) Fully built 83mm piston 2.0T Quattro engine (I'm in the states)
    2) DBV2 hybrid turbo at 28psi
    3) Custom Eurodyne ECU & stage 3 TCU tune
    4) Checked MPI wiring, checks out.
    5) Sparkplugs, gap (.24), coilpacks good
    6) Compression consistent (145-150psi)
    7) MPI had leaking injector, sent back for testing, they all check out.
    8) have swapped OEM DI injectors, but some have stated if they are cleaned they can get messed up.

    1) WOT with kickdown, 6k+ rpm, misfires occurs
    2) WOT without kickdown, 6k+ rpm, misfires occurs

    Video: (skip to about 15 seconds)

    What would you check? [​IMG]

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