mirror confusion


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I understand that there is a difference between pre facelft and facelift wing mirrors on the S3, so my questions are..

is it only the glass that is different or are the housings also different?
How do you tell the difference?
And did they change over at 09/01 to facelift?
What are the part numbers for the housing itself?
Is there a difference between chrome and colour coded part numbers?
and if like me i'm wanting S3 facelift which A3 mirror housings do i need to be looking for?

I'm looking to buy black ones to swap out my chrome ones.

Oh and how about A4 b5 mirrors, prefacelift facelift etc?



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The complete base plate, housing and glass is different, you need to swop the whole lot. If it's just the housings you are after, they you need to buy the specific ones, post a pic up if you can.