Mintex disc + pads on a A3 170 Quattro anyone?


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I bought my A3 170 quattro with 22k on the clock and they fit new discs and pads all round. Found out today they were Eicher branded so just brand but they have been spot on.

Clocked up 55k now so they have done 33k. Rears are fine but the fronts have started vibrating badly when braking so I took wheel off to check as the outer pad literally had loads left...a go 6 to 7.

Inside pads on front are down to 3-4mm but the inner disc is badly scorned so im changing the lot.

Anyone used Mintex pads & discs?
I don't track the car and im pretty easy on the brakes hence 33k and only changing as road dirt has damaged inner edge of disc.

Ordered both discs and pads for the front for £65. Seemed canny price. The A3 is just a work horse so I can't justify spending vast amounts on upgraded discs etc. Not when the RS5 gets treated to luxury brakes lol

Ive read older Mintex pads used to squeel but this has been resolved apparently with backing plates?


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Cancel that. 2 suppliers Ive ordered from online both refunded money saying not in stock.

Ended up just ordering Brembo discs and pads. £115 all in. Bargain,