Mini Moto 49cc budget tuning project


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Hi all.

Finding myself having not much to do with my evenings these days, I thought I would kick off a new and entertaining project for myself.

I have purchased a Mini Dirt Bike. 49cc. Centrifugal clutch. Black. Chinese import job.

Bought for £90 on ebay new.

It's great fun to ramp about on, I'm lucky enough to live on a private road with a dirt track at the end, so I can legally ride it round :).

I am intending to make the little thing as fast as humanly possible, on a budget of £50.

I have just bought the first parts today.

Planned parts are:

Bought parts -

Air filter. £5.95 delivered.
Uprated clutch springs. £1.99 plus postage.

To buy -

'Rocket' key for timing advance. £4.95 delivered.
Carbon fibre reed valve. £2.50 plus postage.
Enlarged carb jet (0.75). £3.35 plus postage.
Nitrous kit. £19.95 plus postage.

I will post pics of the beast up later on...

Watch this space - this could be a laugh.


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haaha loving it, i had a goped which i tuned up from 5hp to 16hp lol the thing did 65mph ,
will be watching this thread .


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haha that thing would be fast!


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Here are the photos as promised....




The work in progress quad machine too! :thumbsup:




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OK, so here is the result that we are after with this project:

Or possibly we could think about this....

Notice the fact that it is a Borg Warner KKK Turbo as well!! LOL.
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Whats going on???
HaHa just seen this Welly your a Leg-End


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I have taken most of the engine apart tonight in prep for my bits and bobs arriving....

I will be ordering a performance reed valve tomorrow, as well as uprated carb jets and the 'rocket' key.

I'm expecting delivery of my new air filter and clutch springs tomorrow, so they should be good to fit :).

As usual, the saga continues....
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welly, I had one of the quads a while back, was a right laugh. Fitted a cheap chinese big bore kit to it and carb jet, which worked really well when it wasnt seizing up. I think nitrous would be the best thing though!


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LOL, been slipping on this one. I've fitted the CF Reed Valve, the Rocket Key, the clutch springs, the K&N filter, and a 0.65 mm enlarged jet and been meaning to take photos.

BUT - have been having far too much fun ripping up and down my road on it to be honest! The little thing is wicked now, goes like stink.

NOS next and will deffo take pics of fitting that. And then probably video of me getting hurt trying to ride the thing after!