Millteks with Rusty Tailpipe Interiors


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Just bought a second-hand Milltek for my V8 S4 (B6) and the insides of the tailpipes are a little corroded.

I know some exhausts will have a coating inside and I didn't want to risk scrubbing it off.

Can anyone recommend the best course of action?

Here's the nearside pipe (the offside is just the same):



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a bit of autosol and some 00 grade wirewool will clean that up nicley, millteks dont have any special coating inside, usally just shiney stainless steel ( for a few hours after cleaning) then its black!! lol


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Just a little addition and I know it doesn't help your problem but stainless doesn't corrode. So either it's not a stainless exhaust or it's some sort of deposit that can be removed with autosol.