Sold Milltek Non Res Race exhaust full system B9 RS5/RS4 non OPF/GPF

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Taken off my recently sold RS5. This is for the pre FL version (mine was a 2018) and is with the black tips.
Put less than 2k miles on the exhaust.
The near side rear tip had rubbed on the upper body so there were some marks that I sanded down and resprayed with heat resistant (up to 600 C) paint. These were surface marks and purely cosmetic (for an item that sits under the car anyway with only the tip displaying). Please see photos. No other damage to the system.
Annoyingly the valve extension cables have gone astray so I have some brand new ones from Milltek arriving in the next day or two so everything is complete.

Looking for £1650.00 for the whole system which is a fair price.

System is the Cat Back #SSXAU755.
Also comes (if you want) with all original boxes and packaging.
Due to size this isn’t a shipping job. I’m willing to hand deliver to the Cambs/Beds/Herts area only (you’ll need a big vehicle if meeting me somewhere as the boxes are big.
PM for more details and will post pics of the new cables when I get them.
Cost new the cheapest I can find these are for £2,426.00
By far THE most complained about bugbear on the B9 is the sound. This sorts this out nicely.









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Update: Brand new valve extension cables have arrived so the whole system is now complete.
Will leave the ads on here for another week or two and then put it on Fleabay. As these come up rarely second hand I don’t think it will hang around long so get it while you can.

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