Milltek Non Res Race exhaust fitted


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After 1 failed order and a lengthy wait (3 months which was frustrating) finally got the Milltek through and fitted.
I used TSR Performance in Cornwall
Who will ship it anywhere in the UK as part of the price. It comes in two massive boxes so shipping to the fitter is the best option.

At £2,253.00 all in it was the cheapest I could find and their service was great.
Fitting was at GB Autotech in Luton who did a cracking job-apparently fitting Milltek can be a pain but the noise is worth it.
Didn’t realise that the OEM exhaust was mainly one large part so had to hire a van to remove it. No chance it was fitting in the 5.
Anyhow, the exhaust:







Old OEM sports exhaust rear:

So finally we move to the ‘Money Shot’. Firstly a comparison of the sports exhaust. Cold start in auto then into dynamic:

Milltek with semi warm Start in auto and then dynamic:

Car is stock.
As you can hear-quite the difference!! There’s no drone and lots of pops and burbles in dynamic on the overrun.
It’s like having a new car and really loving the new sound. There’s a slight HP gain (10-20 bhp) and it does feel a bit more responsive.
All in all well worth the money and now the car sounds like it should do stock.

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Yes mate much better
And i am sure your neighbours will love it too, enjoy.