Facelift Milltek Exhaust


2018 Ara Blue Facelift RS3
So as many of use know im getting the milltek exhaust fitted tomorrow finally after waiting months for it to be finally released!

Today I went out and bought a suction cup so I could get some videos so decided to get a few clips today with the standard exhaust on and the Milltek downpipe so we can have a few comparisons.

The videos are not the best of quality as its a older go pro and you can hear every bump in the road echo through it. I never edited videos so ive basically done my best and just spliced them together.

If anyones any better at it and enjoys doing it im happy to send them the clips and they can put it all together for me and I can upload that to the forum and youtube.

As always it never sounds as good when its recorded but it gives you a rough idea. Ill update everyone tomorrow when all is fitted.

Cheers Billy