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mildy curious about electric seat wiring

cjm Apr 9, 2020

  1. cjm

    cjm Registered User

    Lockdown so a bit bored - i've ended up with some electric mk4 golf seats that I'm in two minds what to do with. Thought i'd see if they work first but there's a tiny bit of wire butchering. I don't have contact with the previous owner so can't ask and not being an electrical person, what do you think the reason was behind the cutting and rewiring?
    I was just going to wire them up how they should be and see if they work but was curious so thought i'd ask.

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  3. bassnuno

    bassnuno Registered User

    That one is easy. The red conector is for power supply check my video I just install new Eletric recaro seats yesterday on my audi a3
    Any questions Comment there cause I don't receive notifications from the forum

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