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Middle air vents ...

Chin. Jan 23, 2011

  1. Chin.

    Chin. P88LSH

    Before you say anything, i did search but only found THIS - which is a similar issue but not quite the same...

    I'm wondering if it's normal (since it's winter) that if the AC is set to demist windscreen (arrow up) air vents (middle button) and feet (arrow down) the air will come out from the top , bottom and 2 side air vents but not the middle ones for a period of time, then once the inside of the car gets to temperature (i think, usually a couple of minutes) the air will start coming out from the middle air vents as well. If i only got the middle button (air vents) on and either de mist windscreen or feet then the air comes out from all air vents. If all 3 buttons are on and i turn off either windscreen de mist or feet then i can hear the blower motor changing position.

    As said, after a period of time even with 3 buttons on the air starts coming out from the middle air vents as well.

    Hard to explain, but i hope you know what i mean ! Cheers

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