Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Ordered


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You could but if you are thinking of doing that with MP4S tyres be aware the the old MPSS tyre came up "larger" as they are very square in profile compared to equivalent sized tyres. So a 265 MP4S would be nearer to a 275 in most other tyres. The other thing to bear in mind is they are a performance sports tyre so it makes sense to get the best from them by fitting the correct size :)

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thanks Emma think I will stick with 255.


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I can see where you are coming from but for how much of the time we drive our cars do we need the specific attributes of a full on performance tyre?

Like many things in life cars and their tyres are full of compromises. Whilst I can hammer down roads with the best, sadly it is not for much of my mileage nowadays, the law/other motorists/road conditions just don't allow it. Didn't stop me buying the S3 last week tho', I have to admit that I am addicted to power and 4x4 drive for those times I can use it.

Still I will be able to report back in a couple of weeks, my new spec CC+ are now on order from Tyreleader in Germany (don't seem to be generally available yet in the UK) and should be on the S3 on 18" wheels by this time next week.


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I wish! I use to get through quite a few Super Sports in my old Monaro....

Richard Rawlings would be proud of that !!